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January 2017


Coupon Corrosion Control

Oil Field Karma

It’s dogma in the oil patch that bugs are bad.  “SRBs (sulfate reducing bacteria) and APB (acid producing bacteria) are eating up our tubulars, pipelines and tanks and have to be killed with biocides to keep our corrosion down.” It’s a big business with the chemical industry—billions of dollars of biocide and corrosion inhibitors are sold to the oil and gas industry every year.  But is this the whole science behind this story?  The microbial culture products industry has been treating oil wells for over 25 years with no instances of corrosion.  Clearly there are more kinds of microorganisms than SRBs and APBs in the oil patch and these bacterial culture products are safe and effective for paraffin, scale and corrosion control.  

There’s a well-established bit of medical history that parallels this story.  50 years ago, if you asked a physician if there were “good” bacteria, odds are he would have said “No, we need to treat them with antibiotics”.  Now in the 21st century, it is a well-established fact that there are good bacteria—known as probiotics-- that are good for our digestive and urinary tract systems.  Our grocery stores and pharmacies are filled with probiotic products for various treatments.  It may very well be that such bacteria will play a role in the future treating a variety of diseases. 

Isn’t it time for our industry to catch up on this?   Recently we ran a corrosion coupon on a high sulfide water gathering system we were treating with our SRB control products.  After 2 months, it was sent to an independent lab and the corrosion rate on the mild steel NP-80 coupon was only .2516 MPY—a very low rate.  Where was all that microbial corrosion in this SRB contaminated system?  Being controlled by our microbial culture products that are suppressing and even eliminating SRB and APB biofilms.   There’s literature that supports this—bacteria have been known to produce passivating films to lower corrosion for years—(references available by calling or emailing our offices).  We took that concept and turned it into safe, effective product for our industry.  Join the 21st century and get on the oilfield probiotic bandwagon.  Change your dogma and improve your karma—and save money.   And that’s the Science Behind the product…

We also treat paraffin, asphaltene, scale and corrosion problems. Stay tuned for more in upcoming newsletters.

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Energy Remediation Solutions LLC Product Feature

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ER- BR100 for the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbonsis a biologicalproduct designed and formulated for the treatment of soil andwater contaminated with crude oil.  Crude   oils vary greatly and, in some cases, this special groupof bacterial strains shows better activity thanER- BR400, which is targeted to BTEX and somecomplex aromatics. This product is used for in-situ andex-situ applications.


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“Where oil is first found is in the minds of men” Wallace Pratt

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Energy Remediation Solutions is safe for the environment product manufacturer created by oil and gas operators dedicated to guaranteeing economic, highly effective solutions to O&G production problems in the world's oil industry.  ERS manufactures all of its products for either upstream, midstream, or downstream applications in the oil and gas industry for oilfield equipment/facilities or environmental remediation. ERS provides products to multiple distributors including environmental companies, chemical companies, and directly to oil and gas operating companies. 

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Energy Remediation Solutions is the world Expert in Microbial Oil & Gas Technology…

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